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little things......

So there are mornings like this one when it is the little things making me happy. I made it through Wegmans and only bought what I needed and went there to get. This is a rather big accomplishment, since all the fresh produce was being put out and fresh breads were just hitting the shelves. Wegmans early in the morning is a tasty assault on the senses.

Now I am home for the day to relax, maybe swim and enjoy a lovely overcast day :)

advice please.....

any suggestions for a black hair dye that has the lowest level of fading. i use the pool often and i know this contributes.... so one that fades the least when exposed to the pool chemicals the last two i have tried keep fading into a chocolate brown. it is annoying me..... so please.... suggestions.
after three attempts to use the pool which were thwarted by thunder...... i got to swim tonight! an hour of swimming has helped greatly to clear my head.
my cousin and his wife just had their second child. welcome to the world austin.
dem and i got brunch at perkins and then i went and got my hair did. i now have bangs and most of my layers are gone. i'm still loving the dark brown color, so that didn't change. oh well, planning on spending the rest of the day at the pool.
so move is coming along. we have the keys to the new apt and the lease is signed. movers come on tuesday. just need to finish boxing everything up this weekend. i'm in a constant state of stress. at least dem is calm. i have been having a fun time living with lucy and g-force. i've met a bunch of cool people too. well.... time to get stuff done.


then again, i'm always tired. i went thursday for a sleep study. it will take 3 weeks to get the results back. i was hooked up to so many monitors and wires... it was crazy.

yesterday dem went with me to my parents house. he got some stuff planted in the garden and i chatted with my mom for a while. then today dem marched in the pride parade. it was so fun to watch. though it was damn hot out. now it is time to relax and cool off.

it is the little things

just got home from getting ice cream. they had a person making things out of balloons. i now have a balloon flower. this makes me smile.
i have been so busy lately. i like that actually. i think i'm happier when i'm busy. lots of OT at work :) if i'm home i'm probably watching hockey or sleeping.

i still plan on using this more.... but we will see how it goes.
hot chocolate and baileys..... yummy beyond words.